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Faith, on the other hand, has stopped uploading videos to her YouTube channel. CRAZY GIRLS TRIP TO VEGAS! is her most recent video. On May 28, 2019, she posted this video. She has also not uploaded any videos to her Youtube channel since then.

In addition, Lycia Faith enjoys spending time with her pals. She also uses Instagram and Twitter to communicate with her fans on a regular basis. She also frequently collaborates with other YouTubers and people in the entertainment industry. Lycia was also included in Tre Coast’s song “Don’t Talk to Me.” She’s also appeared in a video with Jeffrey Eli Miller, a singer, pianist, and guitarist.

Lycia Faith Merch

Lycia Faith Merch Professional Life

Lycia Faith published her first Vine video on April 24, 2013. But she didn’t begin sharing consistently until the end of 2013. She was popular on Vine but the app shut down later on then, so she moved to Youtube. She created a Youtube channel under her own name.

The channel was launched on May 27, 2012, and has accumulated altogether 18,271,433 views until now. Lycia uploaded the first video titled “Slenderman” on her self-titled YouTube channel on August 18, 2012. And, within a few months, this video managed to grab a decent number of views.

Then, after this, she began creating more videos on a range of topics. Likewise, to date, Lycia has posted numerous skits, vlogs, and beauty, and makeup-based videos on her Youtube channel.

Moreover, youngsters, especially school and college-going girls, watch these videos with great enthusiasm and try to emulate their idols. Lycia Faith was also once part of the YouTube channel “GLAMSS”.

However, the channel came to an end in December 2015 with its last video being “Reacting to ‘The Boy’ Trailer”.

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